What to do to make your Peace Lily flourish

This plant needs nutrients in order to flourish. From the beginning of spring until the end of summer we must use fertilizer rich in nutrients.

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If it is a new plant in your house you will have to give it a few months until it acclimatizes to its new environment. Another reason why it does not bloom is because it needs a larger pot, in which case you will have to transplant it.


It must have enough nutrients to form its beautiful white flowers and lush foliage. From March to October, fertilize once a week with a liquid fertilizer. In winter, fertilize only every 15 days.

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In a container, mix 30 % soil, 30 % peat, 20 % earthworm humus and 20% perlite.
Stir until everything is integrated.
Then place the substrate in the pot and transplant.


The soil must remain moist, not wet. In spring it needs abundant water, but without flooding it. In winter it should be kept moist only when the soil is completely dry.

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Despite being a shade and indoor plant, it needs a lot of indirect lighting, that is, put it in a room where it has light, but without the sun’s rays touching it, otherwise its leaves burn and turn brown.

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