Tricks to have a fig tree at home

We will teach you the best tricks so that you can have a fig tree at home in a practical and very simple way. Your house will be filled with figs!

The fig tree is a tree that does not grow much, it will approximately reach 5 to 8 meters in height when it is an adult. However, it has a leafy crown of branches that extend to the sides, making it gain width.

It is said that the innumerable properties that figs possess will have a beneficial effect on our body. Above all, it helps control blood pressure, something highly sought after in people suffering from high blood pressure.

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So do not miss out on having this wonderful tree at home, it is very easy to care for.

How to plant figs in our garden?

If your wish is to grow a fig plant in a pot, we advise you to use a good prepared substrate and a mixture of thin bark.

By having the fig plant in a pot, it will be much easier to locate it where it needs to be. This plant is characterized by needing direct sunlight, so if we have it inside our home we should place it near a window.

It is very important, to use a fertilizer with a high level of nitrogen content. It is advised that it be fertilized only once a month. In watering it must be moderate, otherwise we could drown our plant.

Once our fig tree begins to have a considerable size, it will be necessary to transplant it to the ground. To do this, we will choose a place where there is no other tree in the vicinity.

The roots of this plant are usually very invasive and vigorous, which is why it is recommended to plant it in a place where there is nothing around it at a distance of approximately 5 to 6 meters.

How to take care of our fig tree?

The fig tree is a tree of little care, however there are some that are basic and necessary for it to develop correctly.

For example, watering is essential for a young tree, especially if it is in a pot. Once the fig tree is already in the ground, it is essential to remove the weeds that usually grow around the plant since it takes away its energy.

Pruning our tree is another very important step, since in this way we will remove the branches and leaves that are no longer useful, thus preventing the energy of the tree from being wasted in areas that no longer have a solution.

How to choose the best figs?

Once the tree begins to bear the first fruits, surely we would like to try them to feel their delicious flavor. Now, how do we know if the fruit is ready to be eaten?

Knowing when a fig is ripe is very easy. This feels semi soft to the touch, we will notice that it has changed color and will present marked cracks.

We should only remove the figs from the plant when they are already ripe. These, unlike other fruits, once they are cut they cannot ripen on their own.

Once we have detected a fig on the plant that is ready for consumption, we will cut it very carefully so as not to spoil the fruit.

If you do not want to consume them at the moment, you should remove them from the plant, leaving a small piece of the stem so that it takes much longer to decompose. We will arrange them on a plate without overlapping them, so that they do not get crushed when they are all together.

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