Trees with few roots and lots of shade (for small gardens)

Many ornamental trees have shallow roots. They even have superficial roots that are visible above the ground.

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When we speak of little root, we refer to those that do not reach a depth of more than 10 to 20 cm.

It is difficult to choose what type of ornamental tree you need for your garden, especially if you are looking for good shade. For small spaces you can opt for shrubs and control them to be like trees that do not grow too much like laurel and jasmine. Also, you can bet on fruit trees such as lemon and medlar.

Here are some types of ornamental trees with shallow roots and good shade:

– Maple

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There are many types of maple, there is one in particular called « sweet maple » whose roots are not deep, but we must be careful with them because they spread, if we want to keep them controlled we must put a barrier to limit them. They reach an approximate height of 24 m, growing slowly. In addition, they provide a great shade when they have been developed.

– Ash

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There are no deep rooted ash trees. Ash trees have the advantage of tolerating any type of soil, and in terms of growth, it is moderate. The shade it provides is fresh and light.

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