Top 11 Colorful Coleus Varieties to Grow

Coleus are adaptable plants that grow well in the landscape and in containers. Our ColorBlaze is also sun and shade tolerant, making it a great choice for almost any situation.

Main Street Broad Street

The vibrant hues and branches make Broad Street ideal for any part of the garden that gets sun or partial shade. But if you really want it to shine, the tint is more intense in sunlight. It can reach a height of 18 to 24 inches and a width of 12 inches or more. The golden, chartreuse edging on the leaves gives the plant a crisp and unique look in a mixed container. It can also be set up quickly.

Fishnet Stockings

The bright green foliage of fishnet stockings is covered with deep burgundy veins, giving it a look that lives up to its name. Use alone in containers or mixed with other plants and Coleus strains in long borders. The plant is about 12 to 16 inches wide and 2 to 3 feet tall, tolerates partial to full shade and is heat tolerant.

Premium Sun Ruby Heart

Note the beautiful ruby-red leaves of this plant with golden-green jagged edges. Ruby Heart is easy to care for, performs well in both shade and full sun, and won’t fade in the summer heat. It is ideal for tall entry containers, approximately 18-26 inches tall and 18-22 inches wide.

Kong Lime Sprite

If you’re looking for a Coleus with huge, showy leaves, look no further than Lime Sprite. Not surprisingly, its leaves are lime green with a rich burgundy pattern. She loves a shady spot and is perfect for small spaces up to a width of 24 inches. Like many other Coleus varieties, it is considered resistant to wildlife and can be repotted in fall and brought indoors as a beautiful houseplant.

Terra Nova Peach Julep

Peach Pizza’s stunning leaves are surrounded by a deep red border and bright green scalloped edges. This Coleus grows to approximately 14 inches tall and 12 inches wide, making the perfect pop of color for a mixed border or container. The habit spreads out a bit to give it a dynamic feel.

ColorBlaze Mini Me Watermelon

Mini Me watermelons are extremely heat tolerant and do well in conditions ranging from full sun to part shade. The edges of the leaves are green, while the centers of the leaves can be any color from coral to watermelon.

Nova Mad Medusa

The Mad Medusa looks like a bright green head made of thin ribbons. It holds a round shape and is great on its own in a container or mixed together. Grow in partial or full shade and grow plants up to 9 inches tall and about 18 inches wide.

Wizard mix

An ancient but delicious variety of coleus, this luscious concoction will deliver all kinds of surprises. Like a litter of kittens, you never know what color you’re going to get. 100 seeds cost about $5, and a pack can fill an entire garden filled with mountain plants about 10 inches tall. Start seeds indoors very early. A January planting will produce dozens of good plants by May.


These 60cm high by 60cm wide Coleus leaves are sharply jagged and look like someone is trimming the edges with scissors. Seen up close, they are golden yellow above and deep burgundy below. From a distance, the overall effect looks like a warm copper tone.

Trailing Plum

This low-growing, sun-loving strain is the absolute best Cascade Coleus strain. She in the container is vigorous, elegant and beautiful. Avoid planting them in terracotta pots, as the rich purple color will clash with the pot if the stems extend beyond the edges.

Black Dragon

When it comes to coleus, pink, green and white are a little out of date. Choose Molten instead! At only about 30cm tall and wide, Black Dragon is a bit small for a Coleus, but its bubbling volcanic lava appearance definitely makes it stand out in a garden or container. Shhh – you’ll love these dark, almost black flowers too.