Tips to make your Plants grow faster

One of the most relaxing and rewarding experiences is growing your own plants. The planting, development and growth of the plants follows a cyclical and calmer rhythm, being necessary to provide them with care to obtain optimum results.

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Getting our plants and flowers to grow and develop faster requires choosing the plants that best suit the soil and climate, as well as knowing in depth what our soil is like and what is needed to be as fertile as possible.

Here are some tips to make your plants grow faster.

1- Choose fertilizers for the type of soil you have

This is one of the main tips to make plants develop faster. It is essential to know the type of soil and its composition.

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2- Evaluate the use of inorganic fertilizers

Also, you can choose to add inorganic fertilizers. This type of fertilizer will provide the necessary nutrients for plants to grow faster. Also, if you want to enhance the growth effect more, decide on the use of granular fertilizers.

3- Get advice on the quality of the nutrients in the fertilizer

Choose fertilizers that include 3 basic nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and take into account if it includes other micronutrients and for what type of plants you are going to use it.

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4- Value the use of other fertilizers

The earthworm humus is one of the best known methods and tested by specialists. An organic and ecological fertilizer widely used in gardening as a way of fertilizing and optimizing the quality of the soil in the orchard or garden. The soil will have better bacterial life and will be more resistant, favoring the growth and resistance of plants.

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5- Make an indoor planting in seedlings

Another tip to achieve faster growth is to resort to planting indoors in small nurseries. A previous cultivation indoors will make the plants grow between 4 or 6 weeks earlier than if it is done outdoors. For indoor plants you should not use fertilizers, better opt for a mixture of vermiculite and peat, and try to take the plants outside for a few hours so that they get used to direct sunlight. Among the plants that best withstand this nursery and transplant method are melon, tomato, pepper and eggplant.

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