The 7 best plants to have indoors

When the seasons begin to change, the warmer days pass and the cold and even rainy winter begins, so we spend more time at home.

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Plants are of great importance, not only for their decorative use, but also for their qualities in air purification and conditioning of humid spaces.

1- Monstera or Adam’s Rib

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Its leaves are shaped like ribs with an unusual size. If you have pets, you should keep it in a high place, as it is toxic to pets.

2- Laceleaf (Red Anthurium)

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It does not require much care, you just have to place it near a window, but without direct sunlight, and watering should be moderate avoiding waterlogging.

3- Bromeliad

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Its leaves look like a rosette. They curve inward and stack on top of each other to form a cavity. It needs a lot of light, but not direct sunlight. It should be watered between the leaves, checking that there is no standing water on the leaves. Spraying is most preferable.

4- Maidenhair fern (Adiantum)

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This plant should be located in a place with little light, away from drafts, and since it is tropical, it needs humidity. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it in a humid place and water and spray its leaves.

5- Sansevieria

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Its leaves reach 40 or 50 cm in height. It needs a lot of light and little watering. It is a very easy plant to grow and supports both high and low temperatures. It has upright, tabby-green leaves edged with yellow.

6- Philodendron

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It is a herb with aerial roots that facilitate climbing. Its leaves are bright green with lobes. It is perfect for partially shaded environments or with artificial light. It is propagated by cuttings and requires soil with a lot of moisture to avoid flooding.

7- Calathea

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It is an indoor plant with very showy leaves due to their shape. It needs a lot of light, but not direct sun. It needs a lot of watering, always avoid stagnant water.

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