Smart ways to reuse plastic bottles!

Every day the planet suffers from environmental pollution due to company waste, the extinction of flora and fauna or the accumulation of garbage. For this reason, multiple awareness campaigns have been carried out to prevent the destruction of our planet and home.

Among these campaigns is recycling, whether it is cardboard, aluminum, glass or plastic, this through the creativity of people, who give a second life to that container that was discarded and is considered garbage.

Plastic is one of the most used materials on the planet, since it is easily mouldable, moderately resistant and can be used to make almost anything. Today we bring you a lot of ideas to recycle yourself using plastic bottles. You will love it!

Recycling, an excellent way to help the planet


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Making flowerpots is very simple using plastic bottles. We recommend that you make a small sketch in the shape you want (a cat, an owl, a dog, etc.), normally, animals that have some kind of characteristic such as big ears, since that way it will be much funnier.

Once you have cut the bottle to the desired shape, paint it the desired color and draw the details with a permanent marker. Finally fill it with soil and plant some pretty flowers. If you also put some ropes or chains on it, you will create a hanging planter.

Clever pet toys

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Our pets like to spend as much time as possible playing, but we don’t have the same energy as them. A great way to keep them entertained and developing their intelligence is this wonderful game that we can make ourselves with very few materials.

The trick is to pierce the bottles so that a stick can be inserted to serve as an axis with the idea that the bottles can rotate if the dog paws at them. The interesting thing is to fill each bottle with different amounts of food, the bottle that has the most food will be the one that costs the most to move, but it will be the first that you want to eat, since as they are not covered when they turn, they unload different amounts of food. A very ingenious technique to keep your pet entertained if she suffers from separation anxiety, since you will keep her entertained for a long time.

Vertical garden with plastic bottles

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A vertical garden at home, what a great idea! We can grow small vegetables or even aromatic herbs such as thyme, rosemary, mint, etc. The idea is very interesting, simply place plastic bottles upside down, making holes in the base, so that they can fit together, and a hole in the cap, so that the excess water is watering the next bottle. . To finish, we place a last bottle upside down in order to collect all the excess water that we can reuse. There is no longer an excuse not to have a garden at home.

Emergency food dispenser

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There are times when we have the simplest solutions at home, objects like plastic bottles that are going to go to the container and yet we are wasting a very versatile and interesting raw material. Serve as an example this great bottle for so many children; If our dog has had puppies and is not feeling well enough to feed them, this can be a very interesting solution (or if you have rescued a little animal).

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Or what about this wonderful nest made with a bottle of soda and perfectly blended into the environment. A very original idea that the birds will know how to thank you with their morning songs. The effect of the paint used imitating bark is achieved if the paint is applied with a sponge.

Recycled bottle broom

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The most original and striking broom you can find: A full color recycled broom. Now plastic bottles not only litter and fill landfills. Just cut a bottle in half and fringe the part where you cut. The fringes will be used for cleaning in the same way as the cells of the broom, and the opening of the bottle will be used to hook the stick.

Bag dispenser

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An easy way to have everything you need in your bathroom, betting on recycling. It is undoubtedly an original device that you can also use in other areas of the house, for example in the kitchen or in the pantry, to store shopping bags. As you can see, plastic has many more uses than those for which it was created, and you can recycle the plastic from one utensil to make another totally different one.

Pencil holders

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Original and beautiful, the only thing you need is a plastic bottle, an eraser that covers the upper part so that it does not scratch and some pencils to store. This is one of the simplest and most functional crafts that can be made with plastic bottles, ideal for teaching children, for example. In addition, you can always decorate the boats as you want, adding decorative elements or painting them in the colors that you like the most.

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