Reviving Plants with a Teaspoon of Magic: Unveiling an Age-Old Gardening Secret!

Some plants are notoriously challenging to propagate from cuttings due to their reluctance to sprout new roots. However, a simple homemade remedy exists that can significantly enhance root development in almost any cutting. The secret? Natural honey.

Discover this method from the vstolovke portal and effortlessly propagate your favorite plants at home.

The Unique Properties of Honey in Plant Propagation
As you might be aware, flower honey contains biogenic stimulators and phytohormones absent in synthetic growth promoters. When applied to cuttings, honey accelerates root formation, fosters active development, and promotes healthy growth, all while serving as a disinfectant for the cut site.

Furthermore, honey’s sticky nature prevents soil-borne pathogens from invading the damaged surface, offering an additional layer of protection.

Preparing Honey Rooting Solution
What You’ll Need:

  • 1 teaspoon of natural honey per liter of water


  1. Dissolve the honey in a small amount of warm (not hot) water for quick integration.
  2. Add the necessary amount of cold water.
  3. Cut your plant cuttings and immerse them in the prepared honey solution.
  4. Allow the cuttings to soak from 1 to 24 hours, depending on their type – woody cuttings need more time, while herbaceous and resilient ones require less.

For optimal results, avoid directly inserting the cuttings into the soil post-soaking. Instead, create a hole in the soil, place the cutting, then gently firm the soil around it and water.

This old gardening trick is so effective that it rivals even the most sophisticated chemical solutions. For an extra boost, consider using willow wood. Simply soak 15-20 willow twigs in warm water for a minimum of 24 hours (48 hours recommended). Afterward, immerse your cuttings in this willow-infused water for a day before planting.

Yeast Solution: A Time-Honored Stimulant
Our ancestors also swore by a yeast solution to invigorate plants and expedite root development. Mix 100 grams of yeast in a liter of water and let your cuttings soak for 24 hours, then rinse. This age-old method is renowned for stimulating plant growth and robust root systems.

Dual-Power Rooting with Cinnamon and Honey
Need a powerful rooting duo? Try cinnamon and honey. Begin with fresh, healthy cuttings, recognizable by their green hue and strong leaves. If the cutting has numerous leaves, thin them out.

  1. Dip the cutting’s base first in honey, then in cinnamon.
  2. Plant the prepared cutting in a glass filled with planting substrate.
  3. Water it, then encase the glass in a plastic bag.

This method creates an ideal environment for root growth, protecting the roots from harmful bacteria while fostering rapid development. Many gardeners attest to its effectiveness, often seeing roots sprout in just 5-10 days.

Reviving Cut Roses
Received a bouquet of cut roses? Try this simple home experiment to enjoy them for months. Trim the top and bottom of the rose, remove all leaves from the stem, and then try one of three home methods to encourage rooting:

  1. Yeast Solution: Soak the cuttings in a yeast solution (100 mg per liter of water) for a day, then place them in a container with water at room temperature.
  2. Honey Solution: Immerse the cuttings in a honey-water mixture, then follow the same procedure as above.
  3. Aloe Vera Solution: Add aloe vera juice to water to strengthen the cuttings’ ‘immunity’ and promote root growth.

Once the cuttings develop strong roots, transplant them into pots or directly into your garden. Whether in pots or in the garden, these roses will continue to thrive, offering a testament to the power of these age-old gardening secrets!

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