Put 4 Tomato Slices In A Pot, What Happens 10 Days Later Is Unbelievable!

You will agree that fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes, no longer taste as good as they did years ago. Before you ate a tomato and it tasted like tomato. Nowadays, whatever vegetables you eat, it tastes like nothing. This is due to intensive crops, since the highest productivity is sought, in the shortest time and with the least resources. So this ends up directly influencing the taste and quality of the products.

If we want to eat fruits and vegetables with an original and delicious flavor, the options we have are: go to buy directly from a garden or grow ourselves.

Here’s how to quickly and easily grow your tomatoes:

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Cut some slices of any tomato you have at home (although if it is from the garden or of organic origin you will get a unique flavor), bury them in a pot and you will see that in a few weeks we will have plants.

It is something very simple since it does not need special care, just by watering the pot every day, you will already have a few tomatoes ready to satisfy your appetite.

Suggestion: It should not be in direct sunlight.

Now that you know how to grow tomatoes yourself and thus obtain greater health benefits and a unique and delicious flavor, go ahead and recommend it.
Source: quefacilidades.com

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