Prepare this mixture at home for your Plants and they will begin to grow in a few days

Currently many people prefer to grow their own food rather than buy it, this is because that way they verify that they grow healthy. If you have an orchard or a garden with many plants, but they do not grow or look bad, today we are going to provide you with some practical information that you can use so that your plants grow quickly and remain beautiful at all times. We are talking about preparing a homemade fertilizer that will nourish your garden and you will not have the need to buy chemical products for its care or maintenance.

It is proven that organic products are much better than those we obtain through everyday purchases, not only because their flavor is more powerful, but also because you can use them in your culinary dishes or medicinal recipes without worrying about chlorine, disinfectants or insecticides. Keep reading this post and you will be able to obtain a practical trick that will keep your garden in good condition and your plants healthy.

Natural fertilizer for your plants

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Although many think that they need large amounts of fertilizer so that their plants have all the nutrients they need and grow optimally, in reality they only need to know how to organize each one of the buds, determine a watering schedule and use a natural fertilizer, which You can prepare with the following ingredients:

A liter of water without chlorine
a tablespoon of sugar
10 grams of fresh bread yeast

When you have all the ingredients, mix the yeast with the water and let them unify and dissolve. Once you have reached this point, add the sugar and let the mixture sit for approximately 2 hours and then you can use your natural fertilizer without any problem.

If you are in the autumn or winter season, the ideal is that you use this remedy for your plants once a month, on the other hand, if you are in summer, 3 times a month will be enough for your plants to obtain the nutrients they need, do not wither and are hydrated.

Properties of the ingredients used in this recipe

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Baker’s yeast has a series of nutrients called phytohormones, which stimulate the growth of the roots of the buds. In addition, they have components of the vitamin B group and auxins.

All these qualities are responsible for promoting the cellular development of plants, but they also have an effect on the land where the buds are planted, as they stimulate all the microorganisms that are found there, making them also adhere to the plants and the keep healthy.

On the other hand, we have the help of sugar, which acts immediately to revive the plants, in the event that they are in poor condition. Also, when buds are photosynthesizing they don’t generate natural sugar to absorb nutrients from the soil, so this fertilizer will do the trick.

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Source: Healthy Magazine

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