Magnificent ideas to hang your pots easily and simply

The decoration of your home is essential, there are many ways to give it a special and elegant touch, however, there is nothing better than having nature close and that is achieved with many plant pendants. We have many ideas that you can materialize in your home with hanging pots , you will not regret it.

The first thing you should know is that no matter where you place your plants, they will look spectacular hanging, they will also provide freshness in the home and keep you relaxed during your stay.

Cork as small flower pots

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There are plants that do not grow too much and that may be your best option when planting. Planters are usually large or average, but don’t worry, you can use a cork and hang it anywhere in your house .

Sea snails as pendants

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This will give a special and delicate touch to your home, you can paint them in the colors you want and hang them, believe us, you will love the result .

Macramé for your hanging plants

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Macramé not only plays a leading role in women’s accessories but also has a place in home decoration, play with colors and the shape you want them to take, you will notice stable changes in your home.

Crystals as flower pots

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It can be the bulbs that have been damaged or the containers that you do not use, there you can place your plants and create a unique contrast with your home.

Glass can be recycled and made into a pot

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Combine macramé with glass and the result will surprise you, it is undoubtedly something delicate, elegant and extremely unique in decoration.

Wood can also be a planter

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Any piece of wood can serve you, in addition, it is part of nature and that generates peace in your home. On the other hand, the creativity invested in this natural planter makes an impression .

Hanging shelves

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They look extremely elegant and it is one of the best ideas you can have to decorate your home. Play with colors and placement, your creativity will be rewarded.

Bags as plant pendants

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It can be organic bags or sacks , any product can be used to hang plants in any area of ​​your house, the contrast is great.

Upside down plants

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Of course, it is something incredible and very simple to do, just make sure that these are well secured and that they are not too large plants.

Kokedama, Japanese technique to hang your plants

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This is simple, just grow one of your favorite plants in a ball of fresh moss and take good care of it until it grows, so you can add any type of pendant to it and place it in your house.

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