Learn to Plant Peppermint in a Cup to decorate and perfume your House

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Nothing better than enjoying aromatic herbs at home, in fact we can obtain numerous benefits through this plant.

The good news is that we can have a small garden at home even if you have little space, it is really possible to plant mint.

This herb is popularly known as mint, but its scientific name is Mentha spicata. Its medicinal properties help us treat digestive problems, such as poor digestion and nausea, it also provides calming and even expectorant effects.

Next, we will tell you how to plant peppermint, an aromatic herb ideal for scenting your home.

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You need:

1 large ceramic mug
painter’s tape
Drill with bit
peppermint seeds


  1. Place the cup upside down, stick a piece of masking tape and mark 2 x, then drill the base. Make small holes for drainage.
  2. Prepare the compost and place in the cup.
  3. Next step, place a couple of mint seeds and cover with soil. Remember not to sow them too deeply, it could harm growth.
  4. Finally, we observe how little by little the plant grows, you can transplant to another larger area. This can be a large pot or the garden.


Watering should be done only when the soil is dry, remember that it is a small space and moisture could accumulate.

Also, you should place the plant in a place where it receives light at dawn and shade at dusk.

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