Ideas to give a new use to glass jars

Glass containers can be reusable , either as a new method of storing objects or simply as part of the decoration of your home, the idea is that you learn to recycle with less thoughtful things and decorate them according to your tastes.

You will save a lot of money on buying storage items and you can get creative . Take all these ideas into account and start surprising your friends and family with your new knowledge.

Use it as a terrarium

1 22

It is a good centerpiece and draws a lot of attention.

glass gardens

2 15

You can place them in different places, even on pendants.

decorated pen

3 13

Take the pot and decorate it nicely to store pencils and colors.

Glass containers for your kitchen

4 13

Decorate them and identify them according to the spice or food that you will store in them.

Halloween with glass jars

5 10

Decorate your way and you can even use them with candles.

Desk lamp

6 8

Inside the container you can pour stones for decoration.

glass as a pen

7 7

Play with your imagination and paint the container the color you want with the design you like best.

Motifs in glass containers

8 5

You can draw them or buy a sticker.

decoration with marbles

9 4

There you can even place artificial plants.

Glass jars for your candles


Paint or place patterns to vary the reflection of the candlelight.

glass containers such as vases


They are the most used and according to your imagination they can be beautiful.

Tissue holder with glass jars


Make a hole in the lid of the container and voila.

Decorate the container with fabrics


It can be inside or outside, either way it will be great.

Glass jars for liquid soap


They don’t take up too much space and are great.

Glass jars used as glasses


Nowadays many people do it and save a lot of money.

Sewing box


Identify the container with paint and store your scissors, needles and threads.

christmas boats


With fabric, glue and a lot of imagination you can make a Christmas memory with glass.

Glass jars for your bathroom


You can store toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, etc. Paint the surface of the color you most want and that’s it.

crystal in pendants


There you can place plants or candles.

Small glass boats in your necklaces


They look spectacular and you can place liquid or flowers inside.

photo frames


It is an innovative idea and does not take up much space.

Garden with glass containers


If you don’t have pots, glass jars are great.

homemade wall lamps


Use your imagination to create crystal lamps.

Add toys to your glass containers


An excellent idea that your children will like.

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