How to Plant Orchids on Logs and Trees

It is important to know the needs of each plant in order to keep them healthy and beautiful.

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In the case of orchids, we can say that they are wonderful plants, since they grow attached to the bark of trees in tropical areas.

Using dry logs is a great idea, since we can decorate any corner of our home. You will notice the difference between having an orchid in a pot and an orchid rooted in a trunk. It will grow healthy and strong, with vibrantly colored flowers and green leaves.

How to plant orchids on logs

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You need:

Galvanized wire (quantity needed)
dry trunk
peat moss
Orchid plants without flower


1- We start by cleaning and washing the logs that we are going to use. Let dry well, and they will be ready.

2- We take the orchid plants and take them out of the pots, we clean the roots very carefully so as not to damage them.

3- We place the orchid plants above the trunk and accommodate their roots. To give you an idea, what we want to achieve is that the roots hug the trunk.

4- With the help of a clamp we cut a piece of wire and put it around the trunk so that the plant adheres. It is important not to adjust it too much so as not to kill the plant.

5- We will put the number of wires necessary so that the plant is firm, but not tight on the wood.

6- Since the trunk surely has holes, the roots will not stick. Therefore, it is necessary to fill them with peat or peat moss. In this way the roots will be able to adhere firmly to the trunk.

7- If we want, we can attach a wire to the ends of the trunk. In this way, we can hang the arrangement where we want.

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Our plant will be ready to grow and decorate our home. For our orchid to develop and bloom properly, we need to put it in a well-lit place.

Near a window will be the perfect place to put it. Let’s remember that these plants grow in tropical ecosystems, hence the need to water them very carefully.

They are plants that capture large quantities of water through their roots during the rainy season and through the humidity of the environment during the dry season. For this reason, we advise you to water it with an atomizer, this will give it the amount of water it needs to be healthy.

They are plants that are not demanding with nutrients, as they grow attached to the bark of trees. In case you want to plant orchids on trees, I must tell you that you must take into account the climate of the place where you live.

They are plants that do not tolerate less than 10 ° C and a maximum of 30 ° C, so this is essential for them to grow correctly.

How to plant orchids on trees

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You need:

orchid plant
Jute or hemp twine


1- If we want them to adhere to a tree, we must choose the tree that has the optimal conditions for their growth. It must be mature, and if possible have mold on the bark, that will be the ideal place to plant it.

2- We grab the plant, rinse its roots very well and put it in a fork of the tree, that is, in the fork of the trunks or branches.

3- We adjust the orchid to the tree with hemp or jute thread. We water the roots well with the help of an atomizer.

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The plant will absorb the moisture from the moss, we will only have to spray the roots every 2 days when we first place it on the tree so that it can take root correctly.

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