How to Plant and Care for a Jade Tree (Abundance Tree)

It is also known as the tree of abundance, and is one of the most sought after succulents.

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This is one of the most resistant and easy to care for succulents, and with proper care we can have a flourishing plant. It can be had both indoors and outdoors.

– Growth

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It requires a substrate that has good drainage and is a soil prepared for cacti and succulents.

Succulents often change color depending on where they are located. Indoors its leaves will always look very bright dark green, but outdoors in direct sunlight they will change to a lighter green with reddish edges.

If you place it outdoors, be careful with high temperatures because its leaves can suffer burns.

– Reproduction by leaves

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Reproduction through the leaves is very simple, we must select a large and healthy leaf. Then, placing the fingers on the base of the leaf, we will gently pull it downwards.

Now, we place the leaf in a pot with soil prepared for cacti and succulents. We water with the help of an atomizer with water approximately every 4 days.

We put the pot with the leaf in a place where it does not receive direct sunlight so that the sun does not damage its tender roots.

The leaf will develop roots, and once they take root in the ground, the plant will begin to grow.

– Reproduction by cuttings

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This is the fastest way to reproduce any succulent. In this way its roots will develop quickly and you will have new leaves.

We will use a pot and we will put a substrate for cacti and succulents. With our finger we will make a hole in the middle, reaching almost to the bottom.

Now, it’s time to choose a healthy stem. Cut gently with the help of clean and sharp scissors.

We place the stem in the pot and fill with a little more soil, water lightly and put the plant in the morning sun which is milder.

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