How to Plant a Poinsettia in the Garden after Christmas


December marks the arrival of one of the most special times of the year, Christmas . And with it, the opportunity to have one of the most beautiful plants that exist, which is the poinsettia flower .

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Its intense red petals are one of the great symbols of the holidays and serve as an ornament for our homes. But there is a way to continue to enjoy its beauty throughout the months to come.

The poinsettia doesn’t have to be exclusive to Christmas . You can enjoy its beauty if you plant it in your garden to continue admiring its beauty and color throughout the year. This Mexican plant has become a symbol of Christmas throughout the year, as it has a natural beauty that sets it apart from many other similar plants.


The poinsettia blooms and grows in all its splendor when we take it out of its pot and place it in larger spaces such as gardens.

The best time to transfer your poinsettia flower from the pot to your garden is in summer , when the cold has passed and the conditions are in place for the flower to adapt to another environment. Although it must be said that other sources assure that it can also be transplanted between the months of January until March approximately . We advise that it be from March when the temperatures are much warmer.

Prune the flower stalks 4 inches from the base, above the node of the leaves. Then apply a healing paste that you can buy in greenhouses or other places where they sell flowers.

Choose somewhere where the flower receives light in the morning and shade in the afternoon . It is also important to stay away from strong winds, as it is a fragile and delicate flower.

The next step is to dig a hole of about 30 cm. This will help the root to be covered. Insert the poinsettia flower into this space and spread the soil around its stem.

Place a fertilizer around it (you can buy it in a specialized gardening store or a greenhouse). You should also not forget that it needs a substrate, which must be rich in organic substances and contain peat.

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