How to plant a pineapple step by step at home

Pineapple is a tropical plant that does not need much care, but you should keep in mind that it is native to South America, so it will grow best in tropical or temperate climates .

Next, we show you how to plant a pineapple to enjoy its benefits and its rich flavor. You only need to buy a pineapple that is at its peak, neither too green nor too ripe: with firm, green leaves, the peel between brown and golden, and firm to the touch.

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Steps to follow to plant a pineapple

Cut or tear off the crown of the pineapple being careful not to remove the leaves or the plant will not grow well. The crown will be the root and you must cut the part of the fruit that has remained around. Remove some of the lower leaves to expose the stem, which will help it produce better roots.
Leave the stem upside down near a window for about 1 week to dry and its wounds to heal. After this time, you can directly plant the pineapple in a pot, but there are those who prefer to soak the crown. To do this, select a container with a mouth large enough to fit the crown of the pineapple and small enough so that it can be held and not completely submerged. Stick 4 toothpicks around the stem as necessary to hold it, just below the leaves, so that they are supported in the container, submerging the stem only a couple of fingers and the leaves protrude above the surface.
Place the container near a sunny window and wait for the roots to grow, a process that will take a few weeks. Avoid extreme temperatures for the pineapple plant and change the water every 2 or 3 days to avoid the appearance of mold in the submerged area.
Prepare a 10-inch pot with garden soil containing organic matter to plant the crown. The mixture of equal parts of coconut fiber, worm castings and peat is highly recommended. When the roots are a few centimeters long it is the ideal time to plant it, since if you do it before time it will not grip well. The base of the leaves should be above the ground, pressing hard around it.
Keep the plant perfectly hydrated and in a warm and humid environment where the night temperature never drops below 18ºC. You can take the plant outside if you live in temperate climates, but you will need to keep it at home like indoor plants during the winter months and put it next to the window in direct sunlight. Watering it lightly once a week will be enough and you can spray it with water for better hydration.
During the summer months you will have to fertilize the pineapple plant with medium solubility fertilizers 2 times a day. It will be convenient for you to change the plant to a larger pot every so often until you transplant it directly to the ground. But be careful with the place you choose, it must take the same care as indoor plants.

Where do pineapples come from

Most pineapples do not contain seeds, so they are grown through the stem. This makes it much safer since a new plant will not always grow through the seed.

Once we have planted the plant, the flowers can take years to appear. Then, you will see a red cone between the leaves that will be followed by blue flowers and, finally, the fruit will come, which will take about 6 months to complete its development . The pineapple will grow from that raised blue flower in the center of the plant.

But there is a faster method if you know someone who already has a pineapple plant, so they only have to give you one sapling. To do this, separate the sapling from the mother plant, leaving at least one for when it dies, and plant it in a small pot or a seedbed until it grows and then you can change it to a larger pot.

Tips for plant care

Unlike other plants, pineapple needs to be fertilized throughout the year, so it is a good idea to add fertilizer or organic compost every 15 days. Don’t let the soil dry out, but don’t overwater it, and don’t water it with tap water if possible.

The ideal time to plant the pineapple plant is in spring, when the temperature begins to rise, so it can grow and strengthen during the hot months and prepare for the winter months. It is also advisable to plant 2 pineapples in case one does not grow into a new plant.

Finally, even if you think that it can serve as indoor plants, to obtain pineapples of an optimal size, the plant should be 1.8 m high and 1.8 m wide . And be careful when harvesting pineapples, as their sap contains powerful enzymes that can irritate the skin.

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