How to plant a cinnamon tree

Cinnamon is an excellent spice used in the kitchen to flavor desserts, foods, and drinks.

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Also, it has medicinal properties that make it very popular. If you want to have your own cinnamon tree at home, follow these simple steps.

Steps to Plant a Cinnamon Tree

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To get started, you need to buy cinnamon seeds. It’s best to buy it from a specialty herb or garden store, as cinnamon seeds are not sold in all drugstores and supermarkets.

Once you have the seeds, you must plant it in a pot with enough soil. The pot should be large enough to allow the tree to grow for years to come. If you don’t have a suitable pot, you can build one using a plastic jerrycan.

The soil you use to plant the cinnamon tree should be rich in nutrients and moisture. If you don’t have specially prepared soil, you can mix it with compost or humus.

Once you have planted the seeds in the pot, cover the soil with a few inches of water. Let the water absorb and then leave it in a sunny place.

Be sure to water your cinnamon tree daily, especially during the summer months. If it doesn’t rain much in your area, you can hose it down.

The cinnamon tree will begin to grow after a few months. When it is between 2 and 3 m high, you can start using it in the kitchen.

Tips for Planting a Cinnamon Tree

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  • The best time to plant a cinnamon tree is in the rainy season.
  • The ideal lighting for a cinnamon tree is in partial shade. Therefore, try to place it in an area where it does not receive direct sun, but good clarity.
  • The ideal soil should be clayey and have good drainage.

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