How to make a Spider Plant bloom and perfume your house

The bond of love is a plant that with the necessary care can live for years, and perhaps that is why it bears this name that symbolizes the most beautiful thing in life, love.

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This beautiful plant is native to tropical areas, and as in general happens to all plants, it has more than 200 varieties.

Each love loop plant has from the very center of the plant a kind of rod called a stolon that grows very long and from its tip it produces very small, white and pretty flowers.

1- Weather

This plant does not tolerate very cold climates, which is why it is kept on balconies or indoors. Do not forget that the plant is native to tropical areas, so heat is its ideal temperature.

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2- Light

The bond of love grows and develops in semi – shaded places, that is why it develops very well indoors. You can place it near windows where it receives a lot of light, but never direct sun. If you place it on a balcony, as long as you are careful not to get direct sunlight, the plant will grow very healthy and will be filled with flowers.

3- Irrigation

It is a plant that requires moisture, so you should water it every time you notice that the soil is dry. Never put too much water on it because waterlogging can rot its roots. We suggest you spray at least 2 or 3 times a week.

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4- Playback

You will notice its appearance when you notice slightly longer rods that a new and small love bow appears from its end. Do not cut it if you want to reproduce it, just place it on the ground near the plant and bury it as if it were another plant, only then will you cut the stick that joins it to the plant. If, on the other hand, you notice that they appear and you do not want to reproduce them, cut them from the plant, since these shoots make you spend a lot of energy than normal and weaken the plant.

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