How to Grow Seedless Onions in a Pot

Today I share with you this very simple and inexpensive practice to have a small onion crop that does not need many materials or space.

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A preferably long pot and at least 15 cm deep.
Onions of any size.
Potting soil or well-draining soil.
A knife.

How to grow onions in a pot

Step 1: Cut the base of the onions.

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You should trim the base of the onion to about 2 or 3 cm, it does not matter the size of the onion. That cutout has the buds or apices that are basically the material for new onions to sprout.

Step 2: Plant the cuttings in the pot.

With the pot full of soil or substrate we begin to place the cuttings, trying to make the most of the space, although at this point the distribution is not so important.
Remember that the pot must always have holes in the bottom so that it drains well, do not use solid materials in the bottom such as stones.
Then cover the onions with about 3 or 4 cm of soil and proceed to water them, then place them in a place with at least 7 or 8 hours of light, the more hours of light the faster your onions will grow.
About 15 days later you will see most of the buds already sprouting, you will notice how some have more buds, but most will be 2 to 4 buds.
Remember to keep the soil or substrate moist throughout this process, avoiding waterlogging.

Step 3: Perform the replanting of shoots.

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About a month later, maximum about 40 days, and all the shoots should be well developed and with stems of about 20 cm or more.
At this point we have to remove the shoots from the ground, separate and reseed them. For this we water the earth so that it is looser and we help ourselves with a knife.
You must separate the shoots, eliminating all the remains of the old onion that must already be decomposed, what we will use are the new stems, which must have a greenish-white color. It is important to avoid pulling the roots as much as possible.
The last thing in this step is to re-plant the already developed shoots; with a distance of about 7 or 8 cm apart, both from other plants and from the edge of the pot. The idea is to bury all of the roots and about 4 cm from the base of the onion.
Remember to keep the soil moist, the onion is very tolerant to drought, but in humid conditions it develops much faster.

Step 4: Harvest.

To reach the harvest it must take about 3 or 4 months from the transplant, this time can be very variable depending on the amount of sunlight received. The best indicator of harvest is the visible size of the onion itself.
To harvest the onions, just pull their tails, if necessary you can help yourself with a knife to loosen the soil around them.

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