How to grow fruits from your home, they are very easy to grow

Nowadays there are many tips that you can take to plant your trees, fruits or flowers even in your office, because many of these plants do not usually grow too much , they provide a pleasant smell to the place and when cultivating them they fight depression.

It is not necessary to have a large plot of land to plant your fruits , with small pots you can start, you can even play with your imagination and grow them in hanging pots, in recyclable materials, etc.

Grow citrus fruits in your home or office

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To grow fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits or tangerines, you must first pour fertilized soil into the pot, then place the previously washed seed in the center and finally the rest of the soil. Place it in an area with good lighting and water them in the morning or at night .

Growing dates is a simple thing

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To plant this type of fruit you must take a dry date seed, let it soak for 3 days and then plant it in a pot with soil and sand, you must water it every two days. After a month, you will notice how the date palm will begin to germinate, take into account that it needs dim lighting and in winter it should be at 12 or 16 degrees so that it does not deteriorate .

Guava in your home or workplace

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These types of plants grow quickly, so you should transplant it as soon as it reaches an average size. To plant it, it is necessary that the fruit is soft, take one or several seeds, wash them very well and place them in a pot with soil and sand without leaving it too deep .

Figs, delicious and easy to grow fruits

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The cultivation procedure is exactly the same as for guava, but you must locate the plant in a fairly warm area. It will begin to germinate after 3 weeks and must be watered frequently for its fruits to appear quickly.

Passion fruit in your home

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Generally, a climbing plant with many beautiful flowers is born, its smell is totally pleasant and it is an excellent decoration for the home . It needs to be located in an area with lots of light, freshness, air and heat for it to germinate correctly.

Plant avocado in a simple way

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You can plant this plant by removing the skin from the seed and planting it in a pot only 3 centimeters deep, making sure that the thin part of the fruit remains on the surface . Water the soil twice a day and keep it in a cool place.

Pineapple is easier to grow

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As it does not have seeds, you only need to plant the upper part of the fruit and water it a lot, as it is a plant that needs a lot of water to live.

Plant pomegranates in your house

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With good care, the plant will provide fruits and flowers practically all year round, it grows to 40 cm in height and you can prune it so that it takes the form of a bonsai , it needs heat to be able to live, so you must locate it in warm areas .

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