How to Grow Desert Flower

The desert flower is native to Africa, its main characteristic is that it is very similar to a miniature tree with a very thick trunk and roots, and with a dry appearance.

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Its flowers have a tone that varies from white to purple, but can be found in other shades similar to pink and red.

The desert flower is a very resistant plant that grows in the most hostile conditions possible. An excellent option for those who have difficulties taking care of their plants.

How to grow desert flower

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The process will depend, if you choose to sow the seeds, you must line the bottom of the pot with stones and TNT so that the roots do not come out of the pot.

Desert flowers can take up to 9 months to bloom. When pruning or repotting you should wear gloves. The desert flower has extremely toxic sap.

Caring for desert flowers is very similar to caring for succulents, they like water but not too much. The pot must be tall and with good water flow. The ideal is to put some stones in the bottom of the pot so that the water drains well.

Desert flowers need a lot of direct sunlight. They need direct sunlight at least 5-6 hours every day.


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Desert plants, native to Africa and the warmer parts of the world, love heat. They do not like cold or very humid environments.


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The desert flower does not need a lot of water, too much water can rot its roots. It is very important to ensure good drainage of the soil so that there is no risk of water accumulating and damaging its growth.


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Fertilization is very important for any plant. This helps it grow healthy. Fertilization guarantees it all the nutrients it needs to develop.

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