How to grow Cherries at home from Potted seeds

Cherries are this tempting fruit that tests our stamina. In other words, it is inevitable not to take them and enjoy their natural or preserved flavor. Although this pleasure has a negative side, the price, they are somewhat expensive. A good reason why we teach you how to grow them at home, more precisely in a pot.

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Both the flowers and the fruits are reason enough to have one at home. But cherry trees can get very large, so it can be difficult to have them in the garden.

Step 1.

Wash the seeds very well (it is the stone that is in the fruit) to completely eliminate the pulp residues. Later dry, if possible, rub on a rough surface.

Step 2.

To speed germination, “scariize” the bones, that is, carefully rub them on a rough surface.

Step 3.

Put all the bones you have in a plastic container with a damp paper in the refrigerator (it is a tree in the cold zone).

Step 4.

Fill a pot with soil and sand. The soil should be slightly acidic, but without losing its nutrients. When you’re done, plant the seeds an inch deep and cover.


Cherries need plenty of sunlight and good air circulation. They prefer fertile, sandy soil with good drainage and slightly acidic pH.
The cherry tree seedling needs room for its root . Therefore, if you plant it in a container, it must be at least 20 cm deep.
Plant the seeds less than 2.5 cm deep. To do this, make a hole with your finger up to the first ankle and put a cherry seed in it.
Watch out!
Once your potted cherry starts to grow, you need to remember that it needs special care:

1.- Water only once when the soil is almost dry. Young cherries can’t stand wet soil, but they can’t stay dry for long either.

2.- Compost trees every year in early spring.

3.- Pay special attention to pests, since cherries are very susceptible to them.

4.- Prune the cherry tree a little as it grows to stimulate fruit production.

5.- Remember that the cherry tree takes up to 5 years to bear fruit (unless you graft a more mature plant).

6.- For the cherry tree to bear fruit, the flowers must be pollinated. If there are no cherry trees near where you live, you need to have several plants and bees nearby.

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