How to grow and care for roses in pots step by step

Hello friends, growing roses in pots allows us to enjoy the wonders of nature. Although it is true, it’s not the best condition made for them, it is perfectly possible.

If you like to grow roses, but you live in a small space, such as an apartment or you do not have a large patio, then planting roses in a pot is the perfect solution for you. Below we will detail step by step how to do it, pay close attention.

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Steps to grow roses in pots

First, you must choose the variety of roses that you want to grow. It is best to opt for dwarf rose bushes. If you are aware of the desired variety, look for specific information on its cultivation and care.
In choosing a flower pot, you need to take into account several factors . If it is a dwarf rose bush, choose a pot that is 12 to 16 inches deep. If it is a hybrid tea rose bush, 40 to 50 cm. Make it a 50-60cm pot for English rose bushes, while for climbers it should be as deep as possible.
Depending on the depth and size , the pot should have the necessary drainage holes. Place a plate underneath to remove excess water and prevent the roots from rotting.
To grow roses in pots, divide the pots into several tiers. In the first, in the first 2-3 cm, lay tiles to promote good drainage. In the second, which covers up to two thirds, add special soil for roses. The last part, the upper part, adds compost to ensure that growth occurs in the best possible conditions.
Remove the soil to place the root bale of the rose bush and distribute it evenly by pressing it to make it compact.
Pour generously to avoid air pockets.
If you are growing a climbing variety, add a rod or pole the size it receives as it grows. Secure firmly with soft ties.
Place the rose bush in the sun , in the sunniest place you can find.
If you need to water, let it be first thing in the morning. Make it at night during the summer season, because when it’s hotter, you need more water.
Add a few bark chips to the top of the soil . They are very useful to prevent the water from evaporating more than normal.
Start using a balanced liquid fertilizer approximately 4-5 months after planting every 2 weeks.
During spring, it is advisable to add a product rich in magnesium to promote foliage growth.

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