How to germinate Lavender in a cup to perfume your home

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You want to know how to germinate lavender in a cup to perfume the house. In this post we tell you step by step how to do it. Lavender is an aromatic plant that has many beneficial properties, and germinating it in a cup is the easiest way to grow it indoors.

Lavender is native to Europe, specifically the Mediterranean area. However, it can be found in many other places around the world where it is grown commercially due to its high demand.

Lavender has beneficial properties for health, since it is an aromatic plant that acts as a natural antidepressant. In addition, it has antiseptic and bactericidal properties, which makes it an excellent plant to perfume the house.

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Although it may seem somewhat complicated, the reality is that germinating lavender seeds in a cup and being able to enjoy their aroma is extremely simple.

You need:

  • Bowl
  • lavender seeds
  • Water
  • soil to germinate
  • Fertilizer

Step by step:

  1. Place the lavender seeds in an airtight bag and leave them in the fridge for a period of 3 weeks.
  2. You will have to make one or more holes in the base of the cup to obtain good drainage.
  3. In another container mix soil with fertilizer. Always maintaining a higher level of land.
  4. Place the soil inside the cup.
  5. Spread the seeds about a centimeter and a half apart in the cup with soil.
  6. Cover the seeds with soil up to the rim of the cup.
  7. Water gently.
  8. From now on, in the first stage, watering must be frequent.
  9. Place the cup in an area where it receives good light, it can be a window where it does not hit direct sun.
  10. From 2 weeks you will begin to notice changes.
  11. Within a month, shoots will begin to appear.
  12. If it exceeds its height, do not be afraid to prune it, this will give it more strength.
  13. You can transplant it if you wish.

How to care for lavender sprouts

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Once they have germinated, it is important that you take good care of your lavender plants. To do this, you must water it daily and provide it with some sunlight. If you live in a cold area, it is advisable to place the cup near a window so that the plants receive sun.

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