How to Germinate and Grow Poinsettias (Christmas Flower)

At Christmas, one of the most recognized plants is the poinsettia. They have as many names as there are regions where it is tradition at Christmas, and it continues to captivate us year after year with vivid colors.

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The poinsettia is grown as a potted flowering plant primarily in America and Europe. It is known as a poinsettia, shepherdess, Christmas flower, federal star, poinsettia (poinsettia) or even Poinsettia flower.

Actually, at Christmas time, the plant is in its best moment of development with a full bloom that will show us all its characteristic red bracts (leaves near the flower). This red color of the plant is the reason why it has become popular during these holidays.

Tips for buying a Christmas Eve

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Giving a poinsettia flower is a tradition and a way of saying, Merry Christmas! The offer for sale in stores begins in mid-November and it is a relatively inexpensive and durable plant, if we follow some basic rules to care for indoor plants.

You have to choose plants that have healthy green leaves, and discard those specimens with yellowish leaves, rolled up or that present some red spots or breaks.

The poinsettia can be of different colors: red (which is the most common), yellow, salmon or white among a wide variety of shades.
When buying it, it is better to choose those that do not have too many mature florets in the heart of the bracts (red leaves near the flower) because the less you have, the longer it will last you.
The stem of the Euphoribia pulcherrima should be thick , a sign of good quality.
Choosing that poinsettia plant whose flowers are just budding is a sign of freshness. The flowers are yellow and small, they are located between the red bracts.
If you live in a cold climate, avoid buying the ones that are outside . Poinsettias are very sensitive to low temperatures and can lose their leaves in a few days due to the cold. it is affected by the cold.

Poinsettia Care

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This Christmas plant , if properly cared for, can last for years. However, it is possible that next Christmas it will not give us its red leaves that make it so special; This is due to the fact that it has not been provided with adequate irrigation and temperature conditions.

Lighting: needs natural light. It is an indoor plant that needs a lot of light while it is in flower as well as the care of bromeliads, and the ideal place to locate it is near a window.
In summer, when the sun is strongest, it is necessary to protect it and take care that it does not shine directly on it, in the other seasons this problem does not exist.
Temperature: avoid cold temperatures, away from frost in winter (it should not drop below 12º C) and at a temperature not higher than 25º C in summer. The poinsettia dislikes very hot environments (it should not be near any heat source; radiators, stoves, etc.), and not dry.
Irrigation: The irrigation should not be direct, but by introducing the pot for about 20-15 minutes in a bowl or dish with water and removing after that time the liquid that the plant is not absorbed, it is the same system that if we have a garden vertical indoor within home. Two irrigations per week are enough.
Foliar fertilizers should not be applied when the bracts begin to take color, the adequate ones are those of slow release.

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