How to care for and reproduce a tree of abundance in water

The tree of abundance is a succulent that attracts good luck and fortune. It is characterized by attracting harmony to the spaces where it is found thanks to its beautiful intense green leaves and woody trunk.

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Next, we show you how to care for and reproduce the tree of abundance in water in a simple and effective way.

  1. Choose a cutting that looks healthy and strong, with healthy, firm leaves.
  2. Cut it with your hands making a slight movement. If it is very hard, cut with disinfected scissors.
  3. Select a container to place the plant. Place pebbles at the bottom to decorate so that the plant can stand easily.
  4. Then fill the container with clean water and place the plant. It is very important that the water only touches the lower part of the trunk and the root, and not the leaves.
  5. Try to put it in a place in your home where it receives a lot of lighting.
  6. Finally, change the water every 3-4 days to prevent the stem from getting slimy.
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Other care

When you change the water, rinse the plant very carefully until it is free of the slime that forms in the water.
Also wash the container and the pebbles very well so that the roots stay healthy.

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