Grow Hibiscus From a Leaf – New Method(5 easy and quick steps)

Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family, Malvaceae. They are beautiful and we will show you how you can get one from a leaf.

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Follow these easy step by step(5 easy steps):

1- You will need some leaves

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2- You take a pot, fill it with sand and add plenty water

The sand should be moist so the leaves go in easily and have enough water.

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3- You plant the leaves in the sand, and keep watering it for the next 25 days

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4- After 25 days your leaves should have good roots and are ready to be taken out and be planted

When you take the leaves out of the sand pot, to be easier for you to get them out, you should pour a lot of water in the pot and wait for the sand to be really moist. This way you will protect the roots while you slowly take the leaves out.

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5- Plant your leaves in a pot with 50% garden soil and 50% compost mix

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After 30 days your plant shoul look something like this…

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If you need to see more, here is a video:

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