Grow Green Onions Without Garden Soil – Harvest Every 2 Weeks for up to 6 Months

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Growing green onions without the need for a traditional garden or soil is not only possible but also incredibly convenient. By using recycled 5-liter plastic bottles, you can create a unique hydroponic system that allows you to harvest fresh green onions every two weeks for up to six months. This sustainable and space-efficient method utilizes simple materials and provides a continuous supply of crisp, flavorful green onions right at your fingertips.

Materials Needed

To get started, you’ll need the following materials:

  1. 5-liter plastic bottles (empty and cleaned)
  2. A plastic tray that fits inside the bottle, but only at the surface
  3. Red or yellow onion bulbs with the tops cut off
  4. A rope
  5. Plastic wrap
  6. Water

The Hydroponic System

  1. Prepare the Bottles: Cut the 5-liter plastic bottles in half horizontally, keeping the top portion. The bottom half will serve as a water reservoir, while the top half will house the growing green onions.
  2. Prepare the Tray: Place the plastic tray inside the top half of the bottle, ensuring that it fits snugly. The tray should only submerge into the bottle at the surface level. Drill or cut many large holes in the tray to allow water to pass through.
  3. Rope Setup: Lay the rope all over the tray and thread it through the holes. Make sure the rope reaches into the water inside the bottle. The rope will serve as a wick, transporting water to the onions’ roots.
  4. Onion Preparation: Take red or yellow onions and cut off the tops. Remove any dead roots, leaving the bulb’s bottom clean for new roots to grow. These prepared onions will be placed on the tray.
  5. Planting: Fill the tray with the prepared onions, ensuring that each onion’s root part comes into contact with the rope. The onions should be distributed evenly, covering the entire surface of the tray.
  6. Create a Greenhouse: Cover the top of the bottle with plastic wrap. This will create a greenhouse effect, providing a controlled environment that helps the onions grow faster. Keep the plastic wrap in place until the onions begin to sprout.
  7. Maintenance: Keep the water reservoir in the bottom half of the bottle filled with water. The rope will draw up the water to nourish the onions’ roots. Ensure that the water level remains consistent to support healthy growth.


Within approximately 14 weeks, your green onions will be ready to harvest. Gently cut off the green leaves as needed, leaving the bulb and roots intact. The onions will continue to grow, allowing you to enjoy multiple harvests over the course of several months.

Growing green onions without traditional garden soil is an accessible and sustainable gardening method. By repurposing plastic bottles and using a simple hydroponic system, you can have a continuous supply of fresh green onions throughout the year. This innovative approach not only saves space but also reduces waste, making it an environmentally friendly way to cultivate these delicious and versatile herbs. Try this method and enjoy the convenience of harvesting green onions every two weeks for up to six months.

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