Green Thumbs Unite: Onion Harvests from Banana Trunks!

Growing onions without soil on a banana tree is an innovative gardening method that blends the benefits of symbiotic planting and space-saving techniques. This approach leverages the structure of the banana tree to support the growth of onions in a non-traditional environment. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this, combining information from various sources:

1. Understanding the Concept

  • Banana trees, thriving in tropical climates, can grow up to two meters with broad leaves and delicious fruit. Besides fruit, the tree’s trunk can be utilized as a plantation space for crops like onions. This method uses live banana trees as a unique space for planting vegetables like onions.

2. Preparing for Planting

  • Firstly, identify areas around your home where banana trees are present. The trunk of a banana tree is then used for planting. A hole, about the size of an onion seed and approximately 10 cm away from the tree, is made in the trunk. Care should be taken not to harm the banana tree during this process.

3. Planting Process

  • The onion seeds are inserted into the holes made in the banana tree’s trunk. It’s important to note that the objective here is to harvest the leaves of the onions rather than to grow more onion bulbs. The onions absorb nutrients and water from the banana stem, which means they don’t require separate irrigation.

4. Caring for the Onions

  • While specific care instructions for onions grown in this method are not detailed, it’s safe to assume that general onion care applies. This includes ensuring the plant receives enough sunlight and protecting it from pests. However, over-watering is not a concern as the onions get their moisture from the banana tree.

5. Harvesting

  • Onions are typically ready for harvest when their leaves begin to yellow and flop over. For this method, it’s likely that you will be harvesting the green leaves of the onions rather than the bulbs.

Alternative Hydroponic Method

  • If you’re interested in soil-less cultivation of onions but don’t have a banana tree, hydroponic cultivation is an effective alternative. This method involves using a nutrient-rich solution in a water reservoir and a growing medium like perlite or rockwool. Hydroponic onions require a water reservoir at least 6-8 inches deep for proper root development and growth.


  • Growing onions on a banana tree is a creative way to utilize space and a symbiotic relationship between two plants. It’s an eco-friendly approach that maximizes the use of natural resources. Additionally, hydroponic cultivation offers efficient use of water and nutrients, faster growing cycles, and reduced pesticide use.

This method of growing onions is not only a unique gardening project but also a sustainable practice that optimizes space and resources. It’s an excellent example of how traditional gardening can be innovated to suit modern needs and constraints.

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