Easy ideas to decorate your garden (original and cheap)

Garden decoration helps to create a unique environment, whether it is crafts or relatively easy techniques using vases, stones, plants and colorful flowers.

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There are different sizes of gardens that are decisive to choose the correct decoration and achieve a certain environment.

Next, we show you some ideas to decorate your garden that are easy, original and economical.

– Fountains and showers

With cans, bottles or vases you can decorate small gardens, terraces and balconies. When you have a larger space, use watering cans or fountains to give your garden a special beauty, the essence of a garden is to coexist with elements of nature.

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Also, they can be made with trunks of different sizes, either as an ornament or as a vase so that your flowers look beautiful.

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– Stone paths

Within the most traditional ideas, painted stones stand out, these types of elements help us to create figures, paths, etc.

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Other ideas to decorate your garden are the large rosebushes in the form of a spiral, the stones help a lot to build a flowerpot where flowers of different colors are placed.

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Gardens are spaces that require planning, play artistically with the space with natural or artificial light, shadows are another element in the art of exterior decoration and the great diversity of plants and flowers are the predominant element.

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