Double the Size of Your Garlic Heads with This Simple Trick

Gardening enthusiasts are always seeking ways to enhance their harvest. One intriguing question is whether the size of a garlic clove influences the size of the garlic head it produces. A recent experiment delved into this, revealing fascinating insights beneficial for gardeners.

garlic prepered for planting

The Experiment Setup

The experiment started in fall, with a simple hypothesis: larger garlic cloves might yield bigger garlic heads. To test this, two groups of garlic cloves were selected – the 10 largest and the 10 smallest from a batch. These cloves were planted in separate rows but under identical conditions: same planting depth, spacing, and soil enrichment with worm castings. Over winter, the beds were covered with leaf mulch for protection.

Springtime Cultivation

With the arrival of spring, the leaf mulch was removed. The garlic plants were then nourished with a specialized superfood mix and a layer of compost mulch. This step aimed to boost nutrition and microbial life in the soil, offering an even playing field for both garlic groups.

planting garlic 1

Harvest and Results

The moment of truth came at harvest. The smaller cloves produced noticeably smaller garlic heads compared to their larger counterparts. The larger cloves, on the other hand, yielded impressively large garlic heads, some significantly bigger than the average found in the garden.

To quantify the results, the garlic heads were weighed after a 2 weeks drying period. The batch cultivated from smaller cloves resulted in a yield that was significantly outweighed by the larger cloves, with the latter producing garlic heads that were double in weight. This substantial difference highlighted the impact of clove size on the final harvest.

The findings are clear: planting larger garlic cloves can significantly increase the yield and size of garlic heads. For gardeners looking to maximize their garlic harvest, selecting the biggest cloves for planting is a simple yet effective strategy.

garlic on the table

Tips for Gardeners

  • Selection of Cloves: When preparing for planting, choose the largest cloves from your garlic bulbs.
  • Soil Preparation: Enrich the soil with organic matter like worm castings and compost.
  • Regular Nutrition: Use a balanced fertilizer or superfood mix during the growing season to ensure optimal growth.

This experiment sheds light on a straightforward yet impactful gardening technique. By choosing larger garlic cloves, gardeners can potentially double the size of their garlic harvest. It’s a small change with big results, making it an exciting prospect for the upcoming planting season.

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