Benches for your garden

It’s useful to set up a bench in your garden. This bench serves for both functioning purposes. It enables you to sit on and get relaxed after doing gardening or walking around your home. If you have guests, you may even invite them to get relaxed with you there. Your garden bench is also a beautiful decor. You can make it in many materials, colors, and decorations. A whole new one bought at stores or a simple DIY product made with a little bit of skill and effort would be perfect.

#1: Garden arbor bench

garden arbor bench

#2: Brick and plank

brick and plank garden bench

#3: Day bed garden bench

day bed garden bench

#4: Headboard bench

diy headboard bench

#5: Chairs garden bench

chairs garden bench

#6: Stencil bench

stenciled bench

#7: Personalised wooden garden bench

personalised garden bench

#8: Simple wooden garden bench

simple wooden garden bench

#9: Baby crib bench

baby crib bench

#10: Log bench

log bench

#11: Cinder blocks bench

cinder blocks bench

#12: Plant pots bench

plant pots bench

#13: Outdoor succulent bench

outdoor succulent bench

#14: Out of ordinary bench

out of ordinary bench

#15: Pallets bench

pallets bench

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