Add color and fragrance to your home – Flowering houseplants

Plants not only brightens your home, but also helps you get closer to nature and relax. Today, we want to share some flowering houseplants that you will fall in love with their lovely flowers. Whether you are a master indoor gardener or not, it isn’t a big problem, all these here are for you. Some of these plant species are usually already flowering when you buy them, others are easier to make flowers at home with just basic care, and you can expect regular blooms.

1: Poinsettias

While it is most popular in the month of December, it can be kept year round. One word of caution: This tropical plant hates the cold so keep it away from drafts.


2: Orchids

Orchids get a bad rap for being difficult to keep blooming, but don’t let that scare you from bringing one home. Your patience and effort is well worth it for the beautiful flowers on this flowering houseplant.


3: Bromeliads

Add a touch of the tropics to your home with the exotic bromeliad. The pineapple-shaped plant is surprisingly adaptable to the indoors even though it’s native to the rainforest.


4: Peace lilies

The large plant has large green leaves and elegant white flowers. Peace lilies are toxic to pets, so avoid bringing one home if you have curious cats and dogs, or keep it well out of their reach.

peace lily

5: African violets

Available in hundreds of variations, this fuzzy-leafed houseplant typically blooms year round with blue, purple, or white flowers. Keep this plant slightly root-bound to force more flowers and provide it with partial sunlight.

african violets

6: Kalanchoes

This succulent produces tiny flowers no matter the season, and is available in a variety of vibrant colors.


7: Hibiscus


8: Christmas cactus

The trailing Christmas cactus has shiny green leaves that sprout small flowers in pinks or reds. With proper care, you can expect long-lasting blooms during the coldest months.

christmas cactus

9: Anthurium

A great choice for an otherwise underwhelming corner of the room, it bursts forth with large, heart-shaped flowers all year round.


10: Jasmine

Jasmine is a great pick for those who prefer natural air fresheners. Not only does this houseplant produce soft, star-shaped flowers, but it has a strong and sweet fragrance. Place it in a sunny spot away from the cold, and be vigilant for pests or disease.


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