9 Plants to remove excess moisture from the home

If we live in a city with high humidity, we will surely have to look for several systems to keep our home as dry as possible. From achieving proper ventilation to domestic dehumidifiers, so it will help achieve a balance in humidity.

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There is a group of plants that not only absorb moisture, but also help lower the ambient temperature and improve air quality.

Below, we show you some plants that help reduce humidity in the house and allow you to breathe better.

1- Orchids


Orchids live naturally on top of trees, without substrate, which is how he developed a way of obtaining moisture and nutrients from the air that surrounds them.

2- Saw fern


It is a very popular plant, with showy and leafy leaves. In addition to absorbing humidity from the environment, it removes pollutants from the air, such as benzene, and prevents the appearance of allergies and infections.

3- Peace Lily


It has long, thin green stems and white flowers. In addition to absorbing moisture, it can counteract some chemicals such as carbon monoxide and xylene.

An advantage of this plant is that it absorbs microbes and fungal spores, which makes it ideal for people with allergies or respiratory problems.

4- Spider Plant


It has long, thin green leaves with a white line down the center. This plant absorbs part of the humidity it needs from the environment. So it doesn’t need much watering, which makes it very easy to care for.

5- Ivy


In addition to moisture, this plant absorbs formaldehyde from cleaning products left on furniture. And if you have a pet, it will also neutralize fecal matter in the air.

6- Carnation


Its leaves are pointed, very thin and curved. They can be green and orange or pink. It is native to tropical forests, so its habitat is a humid environment. Through the leaves it absorbs water. If you notice that they are dry at any time, just spray them with a little water.

7- Calathea


It is a tropical plant that needs a lot of humidity to develop. When the plant is dry, its leaves roll inward. You must water it little, since excess water can kill it.

8-Aloe vera


We all know the healing properties of aloe vera for dermatological purposes. We can also use it as a natural humidifier, as it filters toxins from the air and releases oxygen throughout the night.

9- Cacti


They are plants that grow in deserts, so they do not need as much water. The thick stems and spiked leaves store moisture from the environment.

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