9 Plants to oxygenate and eliminate bad odors from the home

A new NASA study on clean air found that indoor plants that purify the air in the home improve health.

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It will help our health if we maintain healthy habits in the environment around us, such as ventilating the rooms.

Next, we show you some plants to oxygenate and eliminate bad odors from the home.

1- Chinese palm

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Although it needs abundant watering during the spring and summer, this plant has resistance to insects.

It is an effective filter against most of the pollutants that can be found indoors. It combats ammonia, formaldehyde and xylene.

2- Common ivy

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This type of plant is effective in killing harmful particles in the air, it can absorb carcinogens from tobacco smoke. Also, it helps to purify small rooms.

3- Pothos

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Pothos can kill carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. This type of fast-growing climbing plant can be placed in pots or in vertical gardens.

4- Boston Fern

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It is perfect if you need a natural air humidifier, without the need for any device. In addition, it also removes formaldehyde.

5- Dracaena fragrans

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This plant needs very little sunlight to grow. Removes trichlorethylene, which comes from solvents and varnishes.

6- Dracaena marginata

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It is a good air purifier. It serves to absorb the xylene released by cigarettes, paints, exhaust pipes, etc.

7- Ribbon

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This type of plant serves to eliminate carbon monoxide that is produced in abundance in the home. It grows very fast and needs to be watered every 15 days.

8- Bamboo palm

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It works as an air filter to absorb benzene and trichlorethylene. It is a perfect natural humidifier.

9- Tiger Tongue

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It does not need great care. Helps remove formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, and toluene.

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