9 Nice Ideas of Bases and Supports for your Pots

These bases and supports are made specifically to highlight the pots, give them enough height to show them off and that they are not directly on the ground, where they would go unnoticed.

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If you notice, these supports have a very simple design, nothing exaggerated, since they are only a complement whose function is to make the plants look their best inside a house (although they can also be used outdoors).

If you like plants, these pieces are ideal to place in any empty space in your house and create a natural atmosphere without having to invest too much money. Best of all, they are easy to replicate, so you can order them at any specialized blacksmith shop in your area.

Stands in gray and black with green plants.

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Black stand with wooden details.

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Stands in gold and white with green plants.

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Gold and white four-tier stand.

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Fully gold bases with green plants.

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Totally black supports with different types of plants.

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Black and white stand with green plants.

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Black stands with wooden pots.

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Four-tier stand in black with white pots.

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