9 Ideas to make a Christmas Tree with Succulents

Succulents are a true work of art. For those who like Christmas and succulents, you can now combine the two. You can make Christmas trees out of succulents . A different and very original idea.

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These Christmas trees are very original, perfect for those who like different ideas. Christmas trees with succulents can be used to decorate the living room, entrance, etc.

How to make a Christmas tree with succulents

Succulents are low maintenance plants.
Use a cone and Styrofoam. Fill the cone with moss moistened with water.
Set the cone on a base and then decorate with the succulents. Use staples to secure the plant.

1.- Tree with succulents , berries and golden star.

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2.- Trees with succulents of different species.

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3.- Tree with green succulents and pink star.

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4.- Tree with succulents of different sizes.

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5.- Tree with succulents , Christmas decorations and a star.

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6.- Tree with succulents , small spheres and a purple star.

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7.- Trees with succulents of different species and wicker stars.

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8.- Trees with succulents , berries and a wooden base.

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9.- Tree with green and purple succulents.

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