8 ideas of decorations with succulents that you may not have thought of what you can do. They are fantastic!

If succulents are one of your favorite plants, then you cannot miss this post. Today we will show you the best ideas to decorate your home with these beautiful plants.

8 beautiful ideas that you can do with succulents

1- Terrariums with succulents: A beautiful terrarium is very simple to make, you only need an empty fish tank or a glass container, and that’s it

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2- Succulents in light bulbs: They are beautiful and you can hang them anywhere you see fit

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3- Vertical gardens with succulents: Vertical gardens are undoubtedly beautiful, but with succulents we achieve a more remarkable effect, thanks to the play of textures and colors

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4- Vertical Tubes: This idea is like having a bunch of gorgeous flowers bringing a painting to life on the wall .

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5- Decoration with bottles: An idea that undoubtedly falls in love with anyone is to recycle a bottle of wine or liquor and use it as an ingenious pot of succulents

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6- Succulent Gifts: Give away succulents! They are the best gift for plant lovers.

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7- Succulent Cages: Have you had a birdcage for some time now and it’s just cluttering up your space? Look at this idea and recycle

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8- Cups to decorate: Choose your favorite cup and place a succulent there. Look adorable!


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