7 Beautiful Plants That Grow in the Shade

Although most plants need sufficient exposure to sunlight per day, there are some varieties that can also grow in shady areas, which makes it possible to decorate dark and very humid outdoor spaces.

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Thanks to these species it is possible to explore possible shady areas of the garden and make them more attractive.

Below, we show you some species of plants that grow perfectly well in the shade.

Japanese forest grass

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Japanese forest grass is a grass belonging to the ornamental grass family and native to Japan, characterized by variegated golden-yellow foliage.

This species loves cool and moist soil, reaches a maximum height of 40 cm and forms a good composition if grown with Hosta, Ferns or Ruscus.


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Woodruff is a plant belonging to the Rubiaceae family that represents an excellent option for making a ground cover in shaded areas.

It is a species that spreads quickly and, unlike other similar plants, it can also resist drought well ; It blooms in spring with beautiful white and aromatic flowers .


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Hellebore is a shade plant that offers a beautiful bloom that comes in late winter or early spring, depending on the variety, white, pink, red, green, black or yellow; This plant has a maximum height of 30 cm.

Asarum or Wild Ginger

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It is a plant known for its particular foliage, which varies considerably from one species to another, thus widening the range of possible decorative options; it grows in shady places with soils rich in organic matter and very humid.


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It is a plant that withstands low temperatures and lack of light, and has flowers throughout the summer.

It is a shrub 90 to 150 cm tall, whose large flowers (20-25 cm in diameter) can be of various colors with shades between blue and dark purple.

Coral bells

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Coral bells is a plant grown exclusively for its foliage, which can be made up of leaves in colors ranging from red, silver, bronze, and purple.

This species needs a shaded area to offer its colors in the best possible way, it needs constant humidity and it blooms in summer with pink or white flowers that rise above the leaves. It is a short plant (30 – 60 cm).

Autumn fern

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Autumn fern is a natural fern that has beautiful leaves, some of which are bright green and others with deep brown stripes. This plant loves acidic, cool and moist soil and reaches a maximum height of 50 cm.

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