7 Beautiful Flowering Hanging Plant Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Hanging plants offer a splash of color as well as the beauty of nature inside and outside the home.

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When choosing a hanging plant consider the size of your home and the type of environment you live in. Also, consider the size of the plant, the type of plant, and the root system of the plant.

You may need to relocate plants that require direct sunlight during the summer. Also, plants may require water and fertilizer in different seasons.

In this article we show you some beautiful flowering sun hanging plants to decorate your home.

1- Tropaeolum majus or Garden Nasturtium

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During the hot months it produces large, showy flowers. In fact, its flowers can be yellow, orange, red or bicolor. This plant needs frequent watering, as you must place it in full sun to promote flowering.

2- Petunia surfinia or Hanging Petunia

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Its flowering time is from spring to late autumn. Also, its flowers come in a variety of colors. This hanging plant needs sunlight and frequent watering.

3- Verbena officinalis or Verbena

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It has great ornamental value due to its spectacular blooms in spring and summer. This hanging plant should also be placed in direct sunlight, watered frequently, and sheltered during the cooler months.

4- Tendrils of queen or Fuchsia

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Its flowering time is from summer to early fall. For this, it is better to have it in partial shade and water it with water with a low pH.

5- Ivy geranium

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When it shows its spectacular variety of warm colors, it is mainly during the summer months. Therefore, it is important to expose it to the sun and water regularly.

6- Pink Queen

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This herb grows quickly, and once spring sets in, its leaves and flowers completely cover the pot. It is very important to protect it during the coldest months, since it does not resist frost very well.

7- Impatiens walleriana or busy Lizzie

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It is a tropical and perennial herb that produces small white, red, pink or lilac flowers that contrast with the intense green of its leaves. Due to its origin, it needs to be in semi-shade and a constant dose of irrigation to favor its flowering.

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