6 Tips for Growing Avocado in a Pot and for it to bear fruit

We have all tried to germinate an avocado seed at home, either out of curiosity or as a school experiment. As an experiment it is fine since we will see the whole process from when the root comes out to the first leaves, but we must have infinite patience if we are going to wait for that tree to bear fruit.

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The avocado tree grows best in tropical areas since it needs heat to grow properly, but we can have it in cold areas if we shelter it and protect it from the weather and frost.

1- Correct germination

We must clean the avocado bone well and we will prick it with 4 toothpicks, in such a way that we can put it in water in a glass with the tip of the seed facing up. We must change the water every week to prevent it from rotting, and approximately 3 weeks later it will begin to germinate. The ideal time for this is spring. When you already have the first little leaves it is time to move it to a pot.

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2- Pot size

In countries where temperatures drop below 10ยบ it is advisable to plant it in a manageable pot to have it inside the house because the avocado is very susceptible to cold, if you live in a tropical country you can put it in a slightly larger pot and go increasing as the tree grows.

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3- Ideal substrate

The avocado requires an acid substrate, with a pH of 5 to 7. So we will make a mixture of peat, coconut fiber, earthworm humus in equal parts and finally add a few handfuls of perlite to aerate the mixture well. Apart from giving a fairly acidic pH, we will also have a substrate that filters the water well, as this plant is susceptible to waterlogging.

4- Basic care

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Cold: We will move the plant indoors and keep it in a window where there is clarity. Outdoors there are thermal blankets to insulate from the cold.
Heat: We can place a shading mesh to prevent the sun from burning the delicate leaves.
Irrigation: The pot must have good drainage with several holes for the water to flow out. If it lacks water, the leaves will burn the tip (brown).

5- Fertilization

We must fertilize the plant in the hottest seasons such as spring and summer, as this is when the plant will develop the most and will sprout. The ideal would be to provide a layer of earthworm humus above the surface of the pot.

6- First pruning

When the avocado is 1 year old, with a size of approximately 60 cm, it is recommended to trim it so that it branches and does not grow in one direction until it reaches 5 or 6 m. Then it will take a while for it to recover and new shoots start to emerge.

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