6 Plants that are perfect for your home

There is a wide variety of plants to decorate your home in the month of May, but it depends on what area you live in to find the most suitable one for you.

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When making the decision to buy a plant, the first thing we think of will be the month of May, which is the temperature that will help us find the plants that best adapt to our climate.

Next, we show you some plants that are perfect to put in your house in May depending on the area where you live.

For the cold of the southern hemisphere:

We know that the southern hemisphere begins to go through its coldest season, therefore, the care and the type of plant that best supports these climates are some that, below, we will give you a review and we guarantee that you will have beautiful green plants and in many cases with beautiful flowers very adaptable to low temperatures.

1- Poinsettia

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You also find them in white and pink. To keep it lively and strong, just place it away from stoves or radiators, or any other source of direct heat. Try to have it near a window, but out of direct sunlight. Its irrigation should be twice a week, and you will only prune it when you notice that its leaves begin to fall.

2- African violet

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Also, you can find specimens with blue, white or pink flowers. This plant with the necessary care will give flowers almost all year round. Irrigation is the most important thing, since having velvety leaves should not be in contact with water because they will rot. For a good irrigation you must place a saucer under the pot and water it so that the plant absorbs the water from below.

3- Peace lily

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Plant widely used for interior decoration. It has long, bright green leaves and white, cradle-shaped flowers. It will not require much care if you keep it near sources of light, but never in direct sunlight, and if the environment is humid it will grow stronger, so we recommend spraying it at least once a week. Only fertilize it in the hot months.

For the heat of the Northern Hemisphere:

Unlike the southern hemisphere, the northern hemisphere will begin with its hot season, so the plants you want to decorate in your home must be resistant to these temperatures.

4- Calendula

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Calendula is one of the most resistant plants to high temperatures. It supports direct sunlight and semi-shade. For watering it is important that you never flood the soil to prevent its roots from rotting, so we advise you to water it only when you notice that the soil is dry. During the hot months it is filled with yellow or orange flowers that close at night.

5- Snake Plant

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This plant is highly sought after for the cold months, but if you treat it in the conditions that the plant requires, you will have a resistant plant all year round. It tolerates direct sun or sources of great light, and tolerates temperatures of up to 30º. Although it is a very resistant plant, watering is important and you should only promote it when you notice that the soil is dry.

6- Widow’s-thrill

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Plant with thick, fleshy leaves that blooms in spring. We find them in many colors such as white, fuchsia, orange, pink, yellow or red. It does not tolerate excess water, so you should only water when the soil is dry. It requires warm temperatures and even tolerates direct sun, but it will also grow in perfect conditions if you place it near very bright sources.

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