5 things that you should avoid in your pots if you do not want to damage your plants

The pots are essential for each of your plants, as well as other things. That is why we list for you the things that you should avoid in your pots if you do not want to end your plants.

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The substrate is also key for good plant growth. The important thing in a substrate is that it be light, with a good storage and contribution of nutrients and, in that order of ideas, the pot that is chosen for each plant helps to keep it safe and sound.

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It is not that ‘you do not have a hand’, it is that you need some basic gardening knowledge to forget about yellow leaves, dry leaves and some annoying parasites that attack your plants.

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Elements that you should avoid in your pots

If you have small spaces inside the house to turn them into green oases, then indoor plants are your thing and you have to choose a cute, but above all, functional pot for each one.

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A pot too small. Look at the root system of the plants you are choosing and if they tend to grow, then you better bring a deeper and wider pot with you.
Parasites These beings can kill your plants in a very short time. The most common are aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, and worms. There are some types of plants that are more sensitive to these types of vermin.
Too many plants per pot. If you grow a large number of plants in the same pot, you could limit their healthy growth. If anything, grow a tall flower and a few smaller ones around it.
Mushrooms. They usually appear due to humidity or when plants are placed in closed or very dark spaces. Fungi can have different appearances, however a whitish coating on the leaves is common.
Not draining well. It is important that each pot has one or more holes to ensure proper drainage. In addition, the land must be renewed every 2 or 3 years.

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