5 Plants that fight insomnia and you can have in your room

From now on, plants will be your perfect sleeping companions. Why? Very simply, these plants help you fight insomnia.

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Decorate your room with these plants to combat insomnia , purify the air, eliminate bad energy and give you a pleasant sleep.

Plants to combat insomnia


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Thanks to its aroma, jasmine helps you relax at night and is undoubtedly used as an aromatherapy to fall asleep. Place a pot with this beautiful flower in your room.


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This succulent is an excellent plant to purify the air and helps you fall asleep and fill you with energy for the mornings. Ideally, place it near the dressing table.


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Known as the quintessential relaxing plant , lavender is perfect in the bedroom if you suffer from insomnia or if you are under a lot of stress. You just have to give yourself a dose of relaxation at home and smell its perfume before going to sleep.


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In addition to being a beautiful flower, it is perfect for absorbing toxins from air and helps you breathe easier.


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This one is difficult to maintain, but this green plant helps fight anxiety , thanks to its unique aroma. Gardenia adds an elegant touch to your room.

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