5 Plants that absorb the Humidity of your House

Excess humidity in the home not only affects our home, but also causes health problems.

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Ventilating the house is important so as not to generate high ambient humidity, as it would worsen the problem. The ideal environmental humidity of the house is between 40% and 60%.

Here are some plants that will effectively absorb moisture from your home.

1- Peace Lily

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It requires a lot of watering. The soil must always be kept moist, especially during growth, and in winter, reduce it. It needs to be sprayed frequently to provide it with that environmental humidity that it demands.

It requires a lot of light to be able to grow and flourish, although it can survive in poorly lit areas and is one of the few indoor plants that blooms throughout the year.

2- Bamboo palm

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It may happen that the leaves begin to dry if it does not have enough moisture. Although its growth is quite slow, if it is in good conditions, it can reach 2 or 3 meters. It does not need excessive light.

3- Curly Fern

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You must keep the substrate moist, but not too moist. Never let the soil dry out.

4- Ribbon

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It is advisable to spray it from time to time, especially in summer. If you notice dry ends, it may be due to too much sun or lack of moisture.

5- Ivy

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The soil should be kept moist, but not too moist. To enhance the shine of the leaves it is advisable to spray them regularly with lukewarm water.

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