5 Ideal Plants for the Bedroom: Sleep better and relax

Having plants in the room provides health benefits, one of which is that they help you fall asleep.

The lack of contact with nature makes us more susceptible to stress, anxiety and other related mental conditions.

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Next, we show you 5 plants that are ideal to have in your room that are excellent for relaxation, easy to care for and purify the air in the environment.

1-Aloe vera

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  • Light: Needs abundant indirect light. If its leaves turn brown it may be due to too much sun.
  • Temperature: Does not tolerate frost.
  • Soil: The substrate must be sandy and with good drainage.
  • Irrigation: You must watch that the water does not stagnate. If the leaves thin and wrinkle, you should water it more.
  • Pests: Be careful with aphids or mealybugs.

2- Peace Lily

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  • Location: Avoid drafts. During the summer take it outside, but indoors.
  • Soil: Needs a mixture of peat moss with some bark chips and coarse sand.
  • Light: Requires indirect sunlight. Put it in a place with moderate light.
  • Temperature: Between 18° C and 25° C.
  • Irrigation: In the hot months, watering must be abundant so that the substratum remains moist.

3- Sansevieria

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  • Location and Light: It adapts to interior or exterior, under shade or partial shade, or even in the sun.
  • Temperature: Withstands frost down to -3° C. But its ideal temperature is between 15° C and 25° C.
  • Irrigation: Requires light irrigation. Water only when the substrate is dry. It does not need high ambient humidity, it is not necessary to spray its leaves.
  • Fertilization: In spring and summer use a specialized fertilizer for green plants or cacti.
  • Substrate and Transplant: It needs light, aerated soil with good drainage.
  • Pruning: It does not need pruning, but you must remove old or damaged leaves that have dried to avoid the appearance of fungi.

4- Delicious Monstera

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  • Temperature: Between 18° C and 27° C. Below 18º C it will grow slowly and below 10º C it will stagnate. Does not tolerate frost.
  • Light: It does not support direct sunlight, but it needs to be in bright environments.
  • Watering: Water moderately, once a week in summer and every 15 days in winter. Always check the humidity of the substrate before watering. If it’s wet, don’t water it, wait for it to dry.
  • Humidity: It needs environmental humidity between medium and high.

5- Phalaenopsis Orchid

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  • Irrigation: It does not tolerate excess humidity or waterlogging, both in leaves and roots. Water only in the morning.
  • Light and Location: Does not like sun exposure, but will not grow without sufficient light. Put it in a lighted place.
  • Temperature: Between 23° C and 24° C.
  • Substrate: Requires specialized and light substrates with good drainage.

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