5 good reasons to have a cactus at home

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1- Requires little water

If you’re the type who forgets to take care of plants or you just don’t have the time because you travel a lot and spend a lot of time outside, cacti are perfect for beautifying your home. They don’t need frequent watering, on the contrary, if you water them too much, they can rot and die.

2- Too much sun

Is your house very hot and does it get intense sun in the open areas? This can be a big problem for growing certain plants, but not for cacti. They need lots of direct light and can withstand high temperatures, so this is the right plant for where you live.

3- Variety of species

There are cacti of all types and sizes, the variety of species is enormous. You can assemble vases with the mini cacti, you can create an elegant and different look with the large ones, and they can be placed anywhere. When the space to grow runs out, he parks.

4- No pruning

Cacti do not need to be pruned, so they are very practical plants that require little care. They are beautiful in their original shape, cutting them will make them look weird.

5- Nature nearby

It’s always good to have a little green in the house and if you can’t keep plants that require more care, invest in cacti. They give that good feeling of having a little plant nearby and are very resistant.

Colored cacti

Did you know that there are red, yellow, orange and even pink cacti? The first colorful cactus appeared in a greenhouse in Japan unintentionally, it was considered a mutation of a conventional cactus and started to be reproduced.

Nowadays they are very popular and you can find colorful cacti even in supermarkets that sell flowers or in virtual stores and the price varies from R$2 to R$30 reais each plant.

However, the colorful species have a big difference in relation to conventional cacti: they are considered sensitive plants and more difficult to care for. Check the necessary precautions:

  • the substrate must be more porous and with little organic matter
  • Watering must be very moderate, avoiding wetting the leaves and making the water reach the soil directly.
  • the cultivation must be in partial shade, without direct exposure to the sun.

Even with all these care, the life of a colored cactus is shorter than the life of conventional cacti. So if you want a plant for many, many years, prefer conventional cacti, as their durability is greater.

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