4 Tricks for your Plants to bloom all year round

Has it ever happened to you that you have bought a plant, but over time you notice that it no longer blooms, and that even no more flowers come out.


This can be due to many causes, but the ones that stand out the most are light, nutrients, water, temperature and humidity.

Next, we will show you 4 effective tricks that will help your plants grow strong and healthy .

Trick Number 1: Tea

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When you drink tea, never throw away any remaining tea bags or strands . These will be your allies to fertilize the land, it is very effective in the case of rose bushes. For the plants to bloom quickly, you must remove all the flowers that have already dried to make room for the new ones and thus continue their process.

Trick Number 2: Cinnamon

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For this trick, you will have to stock up on 2 cinnamon sticks, and if you can’t get ground cinnamon it will also work . Sprinkle around the entire root of the plant and then spray the entire plant, including the part of the soil where you have placed the cinnamon. With the help of a cotton ball or an absorbent cloth, support it on the irrigated area and try to make it absorb the excess water. Cinnamon is a great generator of nutrients and you can repeat this operation at least once a week. Your plants will grow healthy and full of flowers.

Trick Number 3: The Shells

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Look for the residues of the bananas, in your case the peels. Also gather the shells of at least 4 eggs and add the coffee grounds . Now proceed to blend everything together and you will obtain a paste that will be the best nutrient for your plant to grow very vital and fill with flowers.

Trick Number 4: Nails


The nutrients that plants must have in their soil are the basis for good growth and flowering. Therefore, we know that rusty nails exceed the amount of iron. That is why they are our best allies for plants. For this to be successful, you must place at least 3 or 4 nails in the ground close to your plant, so the iron will oxidize by the watering process and that oxidation will cause the iron they have to release to the earth. This is an excellent extra nutrient that will greatly benefit your plant.

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Also, it is important to keep in mind some basic concepts that will help your plants grow strong, healthy and with many flowers :

  1. Good drainage

Each plant generally comes in a plastic or clay pot, but very small, this is so that when you have it in your home you plant it in the pot or soil that you have already prepared in advance. For this, always think that the earth is the food and the medium that will make your plant grow strong and normally. For this you must promote a very good drainage, if it is a pot it must have a hole in the bottom or base, and if it is directly on the ground, be careful not to place it in places where you can find stones or branches that can obstruct the exit. of the waterwhen you water. If you water them and you have not taken this into account, your plant or rather its roots will fill with water that will not filter and they will end up rotting. A good way for them to always flourish is to have them in the best places that make the water flow. You can place a good substrate at the base and put the earth on top and plant your plant. For this you can place pearls, clay or volcanic clay.

  1. Change the pot and soil more often

They may not bloom due to lack of nutrients or also due to lack of space. In the latter case, it is easy to realize that your plant is not the same size as when you bought it, so as it has grown, its roots have also become longer and need much more space. Therefore, in order for them to continue with a good flowering process, it will be necessary to change their place from time to time, giving them a larger pot. You can notice this, because if you lift the pot you will notice that the roots have started to appear through the drain hole . Try to do this process in spring, choose a pot that is taller and wider than the one I had, put a good substrate in it and carefully place your plant, and finally, add more fertile soil.

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