4 Homemade Fertilizers for Poinsettia (it will keep it beautiful)

If you want to promote the good growth of a poinsettia plant, you must pay special attention to its care, and for this you will require a fertilizer, which will help improve the quality of the soil for your poinsettia.

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The development of a poinsettia plant occurs in 3 stages (initial stage, growth and flowering), and that is why a different fertilizer is required for each one.

Next, we will show you 4 Homemade Fertilizers so that your Christmas Eve stays beautiful

Tea Banana: An excellent source of potassium, which help especially to bloom at night.

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Ground coffee: This alternative is ideal thanks to its nitrogen contribution to the soil.

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Eggshells: This is one of the most popular and economical fertilizers , it can also serve as a pest repellent. You just have to crush the shell into small pieces.

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Animal feces: They contain many doses of nitrogen , which enriches the soil . We suggest you use the one for chickens, rabbits, sheep or horses.

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Some recommendations:

Prevent your pets from urinating on your plant , we know that it can happen, but it is worth avoiding it, because they contain high amounts of urea and can kill your poinsettia.

Also, see if your flower has a white border, it is a sign that it lacks calcium and can be caused by being exposed to high humidity, low light or cold weather. In this aspect, it is effective to put an egg shell.

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